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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

season in rain among global warming.


taught the sinful woman a lesson.^last dusk visited my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. God allows me meeting him on way when his grandma leading him leaving from his calligraphy class his mom arranged. we played awhile in the nearby southern park, where he didn't find pals, so shot some photos with my camera. i promised him playing pc game he likes as long as i stay. but that postponed by his mom, the dirty bitch. she is really cheap, blocking my son's independent free time by checking frequently our son's homeworks and demanded amend, driving our son busy around her aimless and useless. her whole life is cheap and usually spent accompanying her so call students writing rubbish notes in her house, as a way to earn dirty money. before leaving i found her put her hand under my son's shirt and likely that's her usual habit. i warned her that would be bad for kid. the rain started when i prepared my son his favorite old pc game while waiting his mom return. the grandma laid lots of pressure when my son trying his old game, urging he eating dinner where she forced to feed my son herself, as a way to gain from my son's buddy life. how sinful the woman's family! God, u see, pl save my son from dirts and insane!


historical heaviest rain in decades.^ God, i see familiar raining scene in my hometown, Hubei Prov, central China, in recent rains which last more than 2 days in series. in rhythm of rain, i felt lonely, sorry, praying, warming heartthrob of memories of my loves. in this eccentric city of Qiqihar, where i yet found my rooting nor seeding, my longing town-sick cured by recent weather changes, esp. sunshines and rains. God, my life so far is drifting, until my Royal China surfaces the sinking torrent of PRC, where turning riots and rotten. God, please bring my girls sooner in our prime time.

these days sees peace again after our son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, performed less brilliant in his mid-term exam in elemental school. his mom, urged by even spiteful grandma, both losers with bitter and biting heart against my joys with my son in pc games with improved hardware, blustered/outbroke scorns upon us and demanded ridding my son off our game gears, ie. dell notebook, 32' LED TV, gamepads, etc. i also burst to blame son for his loose management over his own matter or stuff, a bad habit stemmed from his mom's enzyme, like scattered items, dependent task implementing. his mom is totally a bitch, messy and fur(r)y little beast, I knew it. after an enduring work week of silent reckon&plot, they waded and my son resumed to play pc games with me in his mom's house in weekends. God, i see ur promise in our joys, and our glorious way on the scary land of eastern Asia we bounded to. God, promise me warrenzh's road of graceful and joyful and fruitful. promise us our vested Empire from ur Heaven message. God, thx for sunshines now outside.


almost wet myself.^ these days I spent more time outdoor in the garden of QRRS Dorms. at noon after lunch i will enjoy sunburn till those mean young beasts in the dorms leaving for work. in dusk i will jog in solitude. last dusk during the jog when i watched a bug walking on a vertical wall of lid of underground water, some young male beasts tentatively loudly talking about how large a cunt and passing me, trying leaving dirts in my mind. returned to dorm and went surfing the web, i felt the drive to watch erotic video online. but soone calling of grace welcomes me and I quit to movies of love. in the mid night, i dreamed of sex and almost half wet myself before i halt. its nice to know I'm ready for my girls, my Royal China. God, u see how close we are in the web of connectivity. It's now a sunny morning.


dreamed of python and persuade my family to feed it.^ dreamed of in my hometown village pested by large pythons. the male one killed by villagers before i knew it. the female python partially lingering in my house. its so large that my house can't space its whole body. it's spawning and its bite leaves iron sticks planting on the ground. my wife, likely my son, warrenzh's mom, tried to kill her in fear, but i managed to cure it and feed it. then woke up. its a brilliant morning.


family 2nd scheduled bimonthly dinning out, the dad and his son alone. ^ the proposal by benzrad 朱子卓, the dad, in May, thanks God for stable and improved salary, executed yesterday. son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, these days frequently felt sad for no more time with his dad with pc games. I, benzrad, also immersed several chances insight the deep love in warrenzh's pour and sanctified heart. so we look forward to cheers. his mom felt misery in her life more and more, but again hide it in posed easy angry and aggressiveness. during Int' Labor Day holiday, i accompanied son with pc games for 2 days, but 1st, May summoned by the mother, who refused my visit on the day and also defied to tell where she brings our son to. near 3pm she buzzed in when i busy in my QRRS dorm, said she already brought our son into Qiqihar peace square, where as I told her we will haunt around. she always want to prevail us, or my treats for son. lately she embarrassed to inquire me if she was invited for the dinner i arranged 2 month ago when she narrowly joined by suggesting herself, I told her nope. when she brought our son from the square to the buffet, I found she didn't take bus but by her poor bike. I knew her cheap at once but no cure for her usual self-possessed. my son and I had a nice dinner, even the restaurant likely in loose management and failing in discipline, like most Chinese corporations, esp in PRC nowadays. after we returned to son's mom's house, his mom monitored his doing homeworks all time, refused allowing our son trying pc games as he planned. I left with empty hand and sorrow to son. God, my sailing toward Royal China already launched, no once can break in midway. save the poor woman, and dearest son's good will for his mom, in ur freedom, ur boundless freedom abound ur Mightiest!


warrenzh first exam.^today is a wet day, mostly cloudy, dripping awhile at noon when I walked to join QRRS canteen. from the dawn i felt sleepy among chill, then restless after sleepiness waned and aimless. now sunshine appears again, allowing my sorting recent photos. dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲Hope of ChinaGod of Universe, didn't excel as should in his first exam, a mid-term one, and his anxious mom warned to ban our gaming time on his new notebook and 32' LED TV. God, I know it's a long while short in glory road in front of us, esp. of warrenzh's. God, u see how smart our son is, how evil plots ahead against our Empire emerging. God, trust us smooth way our son bestowed, put peace and joys in our gathering in this corner of stormy China under failing PRC. God, save us from anxiousness and live aboard and broadly.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 now stays unbeatable

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