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Saturday, October 13, 2012

winter 2012 now.


dreamed of hard career. ^ dreamed with son and his mom, talking about hard career arena in sinful PRC, where her relative managing to promote herself in a restaurant she worked for. dreamed my son worked with me in a restaurant, and we slept outside, likely in hot summer night, together, like villagers in my hometown village, Zhudajiu usual do, with my once department leader, a Sun, who once befriended me then hurt me by putting me into fear of gay more than 2 years until I defeated it and moved to seek master degree in Nankai Univ where I met Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. also there I broke my heart for a girl collegian and later first time trapped by asylum in my hometown, for I can't accept dead/ending love with the girl collegian, likely a Fang. I and son's mom deeply concerned with our son's career in future. last night after I played pc games with son in his mom's house, we touched the topic of son's performance in his elemental school, with which so far son didn't excel. God, free my son anxious about future, nor his earthly life this world. guarantee his pleasure staying, and needless to say, his being future of China, God of Universe. God, grant my son his long time wishlist, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China.


a pale dawn. ^likely due to last dinner, I wake up early this dawn. then dreamed in charge of a company which produces network equipment, like switch or router. fought against office politics, encourage staff communication and International market. Its cloudy now. yesterday I stayed in dorm, in the end of this long national day holiday. I had to ask a local restaurant loaning me 2 meals, for the canteen still close. now working week starts, and I see promise in air. God, bring my son his long time wish, a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. grant us a flight to visit my hometown in Spring Festival 2013.


dreamed of hometown after chill night. ^ last night brutally cold. I got up to pee 3 times in an hour after went to bed. this morning dreamed of witchery in my hometown. dreamed some young men from Zhudajiu, my hometow village, returned for traditional lunar holiday, Spring festival from their working places scattered in China. I paid sympathy to a guy named Zhucaixue, whose career is training new workers from peasant, but gradually lost his work for the labor market in sinful PRC losing quality step by step, and now likely selling sick spiritual materials. another pal, Zhuchunlin, a lame driver also appeared in dream. some elder women gossip over us when we returned to Zhudajiu village. God, grant us a successful Spring Festival hometown journey in year end, equip us a flight tour and an ebook reader for son in journey.


looking back our national day holiday. ^ congrats! my 163 blog visitor hits archieving 22255. this long national day holiday brings us more time to play pc games together. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, and me deeply attracted by "borderlands 2". even his mom's frequent scorns hindered us much, but we made proud progress in the action packing game! 2 raining nights I risk darkness to commute to my QRRS dorm lately delayed by gaming with son. God, bring me my Royal China, grant my son his ebook reader longing after quite some time.


dreamed of the royal. ^ recently I watched some movies about English Royal family. this dawn dreamed of my Royal. my parents appeared in my dream. I asked my mother help cross a wall of our house by a pole to fetch some clothes. later dreamed fight and cooperation between my little brother, the prince, and me, against our cousin, a Mei. Its a sunny morning. God, this National Day holiday I penniless. please help me live the coming week well and happily. God, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. Thx, God dad!


a lengthy dream about new PRC's founders. ^ last night I went to bed earlier against chill. dreamed a lot about early years in PRC's emerging, when they settled in northwestern China, training, campaigning and producing. witness those generals, ie. Zhude, Mao, Pengdehuai, etc., their family, esp wives, and foreign friends. among them, my International coach, likely a Japanese, kindly introduced me the strength of Japanese force. It's second cloudy day. God, free me anxious upon coming holiday, bring complacent between my son and my life, our livings. God, see soon my Royal China in changing river of eternal life.


dreamed of killing. ^ at beginning, my hovering nightmare, academics life endangered me. then with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, we enjoyed life. then dreamed in adversity I killed enemies with bullets by jabbing around their neck. recent sunny days likely pulling out: It's cloudy in the morning. God, aid me passing the coming national day holiday productively. the canteen is close during the time, pl allow me living anxious free. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, to allow me home my son. thx, God dad.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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