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Saturday, February 18, 2012

dearest son with his dearest 1st notebook, a dell Inspiron.


full game time in the day.^ Its a sunny day all time. son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, immersed in pc game, "dungeon defender", till his dad, benzrad 朱子卓, felt exhausted several times before halt to weekly showering in nearby public spa. i tried to blog the event, son's elation with his first gear for his entertainment and education, a dell Inspiron 15R, but last dusk we too busy to shoot photos. now with his mom's help, our gaming moment captured here. thx God, son still enjoy my companion in his rapid growth. in lunch outside, i warn his grandma's dirty taste in Chinese CCTV's law channel and her attempts to attract him when she was entrusted by her daughter, whose teaching term launched, attending him in his winter vacation, i urged him live in sole one and free of anxious and indisputable. in street light on way returning to my QRRS dorm, i felt so relaxed and hopeful tomorrow.


son's first notebook, a dell Inspiron N5110 or Ins15RD-889.^ the long waited good news arrived today: son's first notebook we ordered online arrived. baby buzzed me just when i felt sleepy in the morning. when i reached his mom's community, a police car leaving and an cheap tricycle ported outside of the gate, and son's mom coming toward. i had expected dell support staff will installed indoor, but not the case. all the day i busy with letting son sooner enjoy pc games on it, and we did, as to me, its really amazing. but warrenzh 朱楚甲, dearest son, likely felt flat when i trying modify router's setting accordingly and customizing google chrome browser's setting to include his local bookmarks search engines. when i settled in QRRS dorm and buzzed him about notebook bag we ordered near noon with his companion, he ordered me not to buzz him today any more. God, i know time to make room for his independence turns urgent, still i trust ur Mighty to allow our together moment full of joys and peace. God, last night i rumbled indoor till the dawn. in this earthy world i trust nothing but Holy Spirit. save my Royal in graceful One. that's ur gift today shows me. thx, God, dad.


determination after Valentine Day. ^hold no brief for the bitch, once and forever. step out of shadows of the sinful family more steadily, leading dearest son, Hope of ChinaGod of Universewarrenzh 朱楚甲, in brilliant torch. lessen dependency, including chores like washing and temporary shelter when gaming with son, on the evil hands, which desperately attempted to cling to my glorious family. let son, warrenzh, enjoy his new dell notebook independently. see him out off the dirty cave/cage of his mom's. God, u see the fall of the demon, let me more cautious upon the shames under sunshine, let my girls' praying for me, my Royal China's sanity, clearer under ur shiny sky.
God, let me determined today, stopping the sin around my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲. grant me decisiveness and strength in unalienable action ahead. God, u never miss me any Holy message to respond with iron fist and most balanced judge, and in the witness of my people to come.


son's dell game desktop, promised Heavenly.

since the looming lunar year end of 2011 passed our love and passions. i, benzrad 朱子卓, the dad, managed to encourage dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲Hope of ChinaGod of Universe, live bright without his new gear God promised in the year. so far so good till last Saturday he buzzed in when i surfing in my QRRS dorm that his legacy desktop can't boot up itself. after tried means to restore on the pc, i felt i can't afford to fix the wrecked machine cost efficiently. i reviewed the situation awhile aside my son, then made the choice to borrow to buy him a new one as promised previously but postponed by the poorest bonus in 4 sequential years from QRRS, my once and long time employer, to ¥1000 dispatched by my ditched office pals instead of ¥5000 expected, and usual handing off by departmental cashier woman. my son admits my proposal, so i launched. its not a smooth journey but i managed to reach. so far, my nephew-in-law, one of my college alumni, a QRRS pal allow loan to me. China surveillance showily broke amid twice when i attempted to borrow from a girl alumni. after all, God, u see the grin in void of sky, u show me the love in my people and lasting homeland.

Its sunny since i woke up lately. a shallow snow dropping since the day before lunar lantern day, ie. yesterday. the holiday brings 2 good news of grant of loan for son's new dell game desktop. i saw no reason defying us the rest amount for the longing after gift in the beginning of 2012. so, God, let's rolling out and tuck up.


dreams.^ in dawn dream my passed dad, God in Heaven now, bestow me his grand backyard garden. missing my son all the morning. in noon nap dreamed resting on my campus bed preparing my entrance exam. one of my alumni, Wu, whose academic scores usually better than B, lingered there, too. in half-conscious found myself again reviewing my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's situation. he grows so smart that dirty hearts from his mom's family, as well as enemies of, my Empire of China ahead for 1109 years under shine of YHWY, hated relentless. God, u show me the light, u show us affirmatives. pl bring my son his seasonal gifts, a dell game desktop and a e-reader. my Royal of China, my girls praying for our new family descending, please bestow to me now.


dream of my holy family.^ my passed parents in my dream urged me to make new friends again. i prepared son, warrenzh, who in his tournament, to pass his exam ahead in a hotel.its sunny now.


worm ate my flesh again in dream. ^dreamed in a classroom. found a worm eating my flesh in its herpes on my palm or feet. decided to cut it out with clipper but my alumni strongly warned of risk of infection. i determined to act then woke up.

From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 now stays unbeatable
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From snow&winter 2011, among growing global warming

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