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Thursday, August 29, 2013

raining hard in northeastern China, while we in our first flight vacation in central China.


Reunion soon after settled. ^ So again my Dorm life started,since I returned from impressive hometown tour.my son asked to dine toast Buffet and we did last night. the night the small bed let me uncomfortable, and likely so was warrenzh. in dawn I dreamed 3 metaphors and adopted them to avoid tangle with my son in dream. then dream another 3 metaphors about ants or something. then my sinful cousin, long time bureaucrat, led his sons cutting tree.2 of his sons clinched to a branch and broke it, and fell to ground together. I with my son escaped from been hit, and found herds of ants leaving the branch. God, thx the night of reunite, thx the travel so beautiful. engage me with meaningful life, dad God, bring me new family, Royal China.


tour ending. ^ dreamed first ants attracted an amateur performance team or workers contest. I with colleagues research ants behavior, trying distracting it but ant teams moving rapid. then dream I admired a hero trophy, rather than collective medal. I dreamed during I left my previous job in TV or media, a guy self-learned and won a honor in his field. when my previous workmates invited me to return, I at a loss,comparing with self-made success.
yesterday especially remarkable: I with my son visited Yangtze river, closely on her bank. its after we barbered. then we visited my passed eldest sister's missing village along the river while the local mountains boosts stone products, inc cement and fertilizer. they are so meaningful. it started to drizzle after we returned to my 3rd elder sister's house, our hometown tour lodges. it's a beautiful day!
God, time to farewell. thank you for the journey, bring us safe home. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow me busy or engaged. thx, dad.


dreamed of colleagues. ^dreamed an once QRRS colleague,a fake hooligan kidnapped me. yesterday we survived Internet down a day. we paid to use a neighbor's Wi-Fi,but the narrow headed neighbor more and more lost in jealous,tentatively drew Internet out. so I brought my son and his nephew hanging out,play volleyball and basketball with kids in the community.we had good time. in dusk warrenzh made debut demonstration of large 3D video game on his pad,an Asus fonepad. we made friends there,including girls. God, bring us Internet!


warrenzh's hometown friends. ^ son, warrenzh these days experience strong love and friendship. I hope he emotionally grows in this hometown tour. this dawn dreamed I was in campus trying bring my dad wines. on way I and my son stopped and inspected in police office.they checked our parcel, took out memory card from my camera. fortunately they later compensate us a harder micro storage block for camera. it's morning now, God, bless us sound and meaningful progress.


dreamed of once workspace. ^ dreamed of my passed dad,God in Heaven now, smiling and encourages me with my work.then in QRRS, my previous work space, the youth league preparing a contest. I took the multimedia design as my job for granted, for we coordinated several times events familiar, but the young man in charge told me among crowd in his office contemptuously that they only need me typing title. then I in a panic for my camera missing, till my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, was found rip it from me in advance wisely. God, dad, u always sustain me in innocence. bring us peaceful to place u assigned me, bring sooner my Royal China to enrich me and people I deeply concerned. thank U, God.


dreamed of American workmate. ^ half of planned hometown tour passed. this dawn dreamed trusted by government to inspect 3 parcel express companies in China, shentong, yuanfeng, shunfeng, with a tall and thin white instructor from US. i can requisition any computer in the office during report, and office staff there Co-operative, even sometimes reluctant. yesterday i visit dad's old house in Zhudajiu, with my son. my brother-in-law carried us with his motor.most villagers welcome us heartedly. at noon we returned to Tianzhen, my beloved sister's house. an old woman died in dusk. due to Chinese mourning day, lots of crackers lightened and paper of fake money burned, in a custom hoping to transmit to their passed ancestors, a rather ugly Chinese culture. it didn't rain for weeks, until the day before yesterday a sudden and short rainstorm. God, now we grateful for the journey, bring us sooner to our normal life,bring sooner my royal China and my sons and daughters.


dreamed of wedding. ^ its our first week in my hometown tour. so far so good. this dawn dreamed a lot. on way to Zhudajiu for a wedding I battled with a monster blocking us under a car.then dreamed in a classroom I with my son waiting dispatched dumplings to eat. God, bless us a wonderful journey before we missing old life. bring me sooner my Royal China in peace.


dreamed of life among soldiers of US and Taiwan. ^ its 3rd day i with my son live in my sister's house during our hometown tour. this dawn dreamed lived among American and Taiwan soldiers, witness their training, entertainment. i also join to study in Taiwan, wrote to their president, Mr Ma, all under PRC's surveillance. its a peaceful morning, dad God, bless us a wonderful journey!


before the hometown tour, elations ^ this week too busy, for I eventually equipped my son a tablet, Asus Fonepad Me371, and he admits his new smartphone, a moto xt788, shift to my usage. in this way he can play more android games on the tablet which has 16 gb storage while moto smartphone only has 2 gb. I love my moto very much, for with apps I can do many transactions on it, like web shopping, blogging, reading, etc. my son reserved upon the great gift, but I know he is excited. this morning I dreamed of my old workmate in QRRS cable TV. we was trusted to make a promotive video for a celebrity. a famous voice actor, a girl in family name Gao, invited to co-operate with us. the celebrity's team leaving via train, while my once monitor, a guy in family name Sun and several years older than me, gossip about the VIP during farewell. recently I enjoyed dusks more in QRRS Dorms, and that invited many hatred against my leisure from residents in the community mostly workers or local hooligans. God, my task here means much, including dangers, savage and save. God, dad, glory of my Royal China untouchable in ur shine. God, grant us a successful hometown tour in this weekend. bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, immerses in peace and complacent of home.
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

loving is the Sun.


beautiful weekends. ^ last weekends sees growth of my son's dexterity and mental strength. he cried twice for burden too heavily under limelight when we played badminton in southern park near his mom's house, where herd of leisure people gathered in sunset. I told him be strong, and also saw my space to train his sports like badminton. his mom more and more bitter in losing and revenge, turns more insane against my reunion with my son. but not all starry scenes below us. last dusk a tall man, a gay dog, approached us when my son finished badminton with me and rest along the tablet for lost Chinese against Japan's invasion half century ago, trying babble with us while his real intention is to profane my son, by almost facing my son directly like a seasonal bitch. we didn't welcome him and least replied him who brag his grandson's badminton skill trained by him. my son later had to climb to higher rim of the tablet to shift the bitch's dirt. we made friends among kids there played and sometimes played with us. God, these days I determined to accept cloudy days as blessing. God, dad, u show me the bliss affirmatively in last night's drizzle, after a cloudy afternoon. God, dad, thx so much. free my Royal China humiliation, keep us intact among insane PRC. God, dad, clearer is see our promised future, esp upon new land of Japan and China here and upper. God, this sunny morning means so much in our positive.


dreamed of police.^ dreamed in dorm in Nankai Univ., where I later found my radio, and a camera or video editor worth 2000 bucks or more, stolen. my alumni, Yuncaigui, a guy now still in asylum in Tianjin near our campus, or Chencao, a guy from my hometown and referred previously in my blog, tried to calm me and discussed how to deal with it. we visit police office downstairs when they having meeting. a policeman left, likely deal the case but later found intact. after inquest he told me I was recorded as mad and not allowed to sue. I had to ask somebody else to report my loss. I felt the absurd of the rule and deep dark water behind state security. last dusk I visited my son with rechargeable battery for our new wireless k/m combo and played video game with it. I also bought him KFC. its so nice a gathering that I felt assured from Holy. God, dad, sinful eyes fix on my Royal China. God, dad, fix any problem upon ur son's family. bring me sooner my girls and sons and daughters to seed our land. thx u, dad.


dream of the only lost life of my Nankai alumni. ^ in dawn dream we graduated &packing to leave the campus. when I fetching my package from dorm where some sophomores chatting, my lower berth classmate, Xiao Jingdong, who committed suicide years ago in hard living with his parents tired to support him so long, grinned to me when I offered him fruits. lots of funs, also dreamed of burden of academic, during graduation. Its a sunny morning. God, last night moon is second newest in the month. promise me to allow me accompany my son heartedly, anxious free. Dad, I saw ur promise, and continue support. thx, God dad.


dreamed of smart people.^ in dawn dream Warren Buffett befriended me, dined together &told me about successful investment. later dreamed of a guy in Zhudajiu, nephew of a smart bureaucrat referred in my previous blog, with whom I urged advantage of freelancer, when I searched out for my kid brother, or kid I deeply concerned, who evaded me for my carelessness over him. I found him in a play house where he just slept in a closet uncomfortable and fed him with food I brought. It snowed yesterday, and still cloudy this morning. I love the fresh air after rainy snow. God, u know how I look forward joys ahead. bring me sunny time when I live with my girls under Royal China.


dreamed of campus life with my son, warrenzh.^ this dawn dreamed a lot. dreamed with my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲,in Nankai Univ. where our school in military training. my once girl friend, a Liu in family name, with whom I kept love relation for more than 2 years and broke up in junior, revenged me and not allow my son in our queue close to me when we had rally lesson. most of my alumni watched it with smile. my heart full of proud with my son who is so cute. sometimes my son's mom turns his mom, emakingir in dream instead of the Liu. we likely trained to encounter dangers. the day before yesterday I loaned to buy my son a short white keyboard included in a combined wireless pack with mouse, for my son recently interested in keyboard pc games, like "Torchlight 2". we both glad with the gift. last dusk I visited him. his mom brought him outside to try scooter, my son almost mastered it. I shot some photos when they played in the nearby garden. his mom kept him busy with homework quite some time before we played "Torchlight 2", but we finally got touch the co-op video game near 7pm. we immersed in surprises and actions. God, when I can have another larger LED TV for our video game. dad, bring me sooner my Royal China and my other sons and daughters!

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Saturday, April 6, 2013

if shiny, if shamelessly, no between.


dreamed of python. and my teacher helped me. ^ in dawn dreamed deeply my passed dad, God in Heaven now, help me fight python, mostly encouraged me less panic when the snake closely entangled me. then dreamed one of my Junior middle school Chinese teacher, whose name evades me now, helped me out of insane after a lecture or large party among scattering large crowd. he used self-studied massage, mind-guiding Chinese Qigong and other means to drive away madness from me till I felt my brain calmed down. my kid brother aside cheering up. Its likely a sunny morning. yesterday I again had to yell to son's mom, a cheap bitch, for her too close approaching and self-arrogant. when I brought my son dine out, a cop or self-claimed cop, approached us and tried hard to persuade me leave my current place to my hometown, intimidated me "bad folks here". God, breaking sinful PRC gathering cowards threatening us. dad, I told my son why I didn't biased blessing between him and my 3rd son to come, or among my offspring. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me my people to God's shine.


dreamed of a smart bureaucrat. ^this weekend with son resumed progress among our old games, including "borderlands 2", which let me happy. son, warrenzh, got his first bath towel after I felt my itching lower legs possible infectious. last dusk I bought him a bottle haws juice for I myself thirsty after napped in sunshine on canteen bed. He tried some but mostly swallowed by me with his permission. a lengthy dream in dawn in which I assured a bureaucrat to support me. the man married with a girl from Zhudajiu, my passed dad's hometown village where all inhabitants are offspring of same ancestor, Zhudajiu, and a girl of my passed eldest sister's friend. he worked as educational administrator. he managed to arrange me and his nephew studied in a junior middle school near his house and treated us in weekends on way we passing his village and returning to Zhudajiu. the meal usually rich than my family could offer. my eldest sister committed suicide during the period when I studied in the school, where for its near my sister's family, I sometimes visited my sister to enjoy my sister's husband's factory canteen's delicious food and even asked for money. one time my eldest sister refuted me, I hided in the house of my only classmate from the village and cried miserably when my sister fetched me and telling villagers around why she refuted me. I finally got money from my sister and that time clearly aroused my son-alike love with my sister, soon before she jumped into Yangtze River in dawn after dispute with her husband and never returned. the bureaucrat later moved to Wuxue, the county capital, and transit his business into a company under his control. when I first time trapped by asylum for unbearable losing love with a tall girl collegian, my sinful 2nd elder brother, who cheated me to sent me into the poor hospital, led me to visit the man for help find a job after I finished therapy. once visited the man in his office, where his akin nephew just graduated also there asked to be jobbed. second my 2nd elder brother brought me visit his house in a hot summer noon while he just showered at home. the man denied us twice. in this dawn dream he entertained himself in Zhudajiu in crowd in the foremost front house, of a family whose father a worker class in town. I persuade him vote for me or loan me earnestly. he finally retreated to inner house for dinner or what, left me alone. I felt the man smarter than usual people under sinful PRC in its recent hard history. I likely failed to won over persons in cozy niches in current delusive social buildup but I worked hard and earnestly. God, challenges thick ahead, results previous and predetermined, like Gospels. God, save me from trifle, cover me from meaningless. Dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to complement my growing life so far in spectacular. God, I love love in commitment and offspring in sanity, God, dad, promise me like sunshine outside.
lunch is rich for me. I ordered fishes but got dried Tofu for fishes sold out, in my witness 3 dishes sold. I ate carefully and satisfied. in afternoon nap I dreamed my nephew, only son of my eldest sister, who now a small entrepreneur in Hubei, central China, carried his girlfriend with his bike proudly ahead our old family after his mother left them to my parents, on a bank of a large lake. one of my colleagues in QRRS, a Wu in maiden name and married a man in family name Liu, also appeared in dream. our concern later all turned fishing, bait, so on. then my abdomen painful likes token a hook. I changed poise to comfort myself before woke up by pains in stomach. I poo watery, and that likely worked, so I blogged here now peacefully. God, thx for ur assurance; dad, in this pale afternoon I saw hope clearly in sky.


visited son in blizzard. ^ since last week, son warrenzh learned to stay in the neighbor's house to play with their son, a boy elder than him, after school hours. this night he even ate dinner in the neighbor. I visited him in dusk for his recent cold. I stayed in dorm in Tuesday for web assets, knowing his cold but took granted that he would recover soon. but he didn't, but was kept indoor by cold for second day, away from school. the all day is dark and started to snow near dusk. I buzzed him after settled my computer, knowing my ignorance upon his suffering. Tuesday dusk I launched to visit him. I bought him KFC but still he liked to stay lately in the neighbor's house before I got his companion. I read on his kindle in his mom's house and enjoyed. after waited 2 hours my son returned, upon his mom's 3rd call. his mom arranged him to write homework arbitrarily, left my son loathly away from video game "doom 3" I prepared for us. I left near 8pm, in blizzard lasting. the white world blesses me much, after 2 days clouds. this dawn I dreamed trying grasp economics by self-studies, in aim to teach my son and also my cabinet. I dreamed being in Nankai Univ. Its a wonderful sunny morning now. God, testify my dream comes true, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son, warrenzh, and more offspring of us arriving.
in afternoon nap, I dreamed in a van with my Nankai alumni, includes Cuiweidong, who visited me last month, and Chengchao, the guy in Wuhan and from the same town of mine, Wuxue. We were from our experiment base outside of Tianjin. they slept around my berth on way, dreamed to mimic me, including my madness. I was very worried about my future possible family, living alone with my madness history in the nap. Its likely the noisy in the dorm drove me looking to my madness history's shadowy influence upon my chances gloomy closer to girls qualify. after wake up I retrospect my campus lower berth alumnus, Xiaojindong, who already committed suicide years ago, torn his diploma like what I did in my first madness in Nankai Univ. back to 1999. I saw somebodies born to die, born to leave the world, for the world edging their living space step by step, like fish out of water, like goat deserted on salty inland. I saw madness not mad as usual, but rational, but in Holy Spirit ignores gaps over death trap. I saw faith struggles on the earth on widest stage with lives. I saw dangers smothering my new Royal China from sinful PRC around. God, here is the laugh to my anxious in the sunshine on my bed now. God, echo is sunny air soothing the praying.


dreamed of my once workplace. ^ In dawn dream my once workplace, a manufacture company's cable TV, where office politics thick upon new department reorganization. I bow to nobody among buying leaders. then my long time monitor invited me to work in his group which just equipped with new studio system. the OS incudes animation/movie part which turns out to let me pilot jet. I performed system check by flying highly&shooting down targets under pressure in its debut and found err. I concluded virus or configuration mistakes likely the cause, while as whole the os works well &advanced. the monitor, my long time work pal but finally broke up unhappily in real life for dispute after constrained careers ladder extension, risked to adopt me but rewarded by my indispensable in the dream. last Sunday I yelled to my son when he shown clumsiness in a pc strategy video game. He too proud to learn from others, so I told him as his father I had to mend his less smart behavior. then He refuted my days planned schedule, not to show in public bathroom with me in the afternoon. I had to delayed to next week to have haircut together and buy him a bath mop in aim to protect him from been infected by my skin virus which let my lower leg itchy for years. we also these days less engaged in video games, esp shooting game or FPS. but our weekly lunch in a nearby restaurant was perfect, with a tall waitress inspired me. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring my girls in our new family! thx, God dad.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

Thursday, January 17, 2013

gold egg bathed in sunshine.


hurt by Chinese air pollution. ^ since last Sunday dining out with son, my throat hurt by well-known Chinese smoky air all over the country and now sneeze, too. in dawn dreamed of living in campus or QRRS dorm. my bed in a corridor. my once QRRS colleague, also the best man of my first civil wedding, WangChangqing, also lived there. then dreamed in family I tried too many times to release hot water for some usage from heat pipe, and broke the inside plastic tube. Its urgent otherwise the heat water will run cross the house, so I hasted to ask my 3rd sister's attention for help. now its a bright morning, I sign-on QRRS check-in system, ate breakfast in dorm canteen. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, glad to chat with me last night online, likely for I help him find a long time missing video game. God, bring me my girl LV, Asoh Yukiko, girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl sooner aside me, bring out our prosperous offspring in time. thx God dad!


dreamed of hometown, Wuxue. ^ in dawn dreamed first in Zhudajiu, my passed dad's village, where disgusting toilet again harassed me. when I strongly reluctantly entered it and poo, a middle aged doctor and 2 young ladies hovering around me and continuous chatting with me. all of them r villagers there. then dreamed in the town, Wuxue's bus station, those lazy and loosing ticket sale women peeking into my purse. and I had to frequently dug my purse and anxious about thieves there. Its likely the first work day QRRS, my once and long time employer, and a state-owned company, adopted card check-in system. I arranged ring in the night and It woke me up this morning. so far I succeeded sign-on in the morning crowd and now returned to dorm to open a new day in front of my notebook. God, dad, please show me sooner my Royal China, bring sooner my other children in heaven now. please let my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, enjoy the life and cozy of Internet as I do. that's my prayer in this smoky morning after shallow snow.


dreamed working together with son. ^ in dawn dreamed I worked with my son on a legacy system. I tried hard and completed the missing function of the old application. so my son and I was enrolled by the company. then my previous workmate called in informing QRRS, my long time employer adopted card check-in system, so hope I can sign on twice a day with the employee card. I was idle so I visited old office and filed to director for a desktop. now I surfing via corporate lan on my notebook. God, I looking forward bliss in the sunny day, grant me opener workspace step by step. God, dad, thx for recent good time with my son, with my workload. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow our glamorous task on the planet, in corner of world by China mainland.


dreamed of my Japanese girls. ^ the dorm is warm. in dawn dreamed 2 Japanese girls in my life. one is the actor, Jutani Nami, from a Taiwan episode "爱无限" I deeply touched, the another is Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen. I managed harmony between them when we dwell each together. our parents also appeared before our wedding ceremony. Asoh more self-preserved and I in dream more trying appealing to her. we also attending birth school. we had good time in love. God, time of life passing, where is our family life with my Royal China? yesterday is first day of son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's winter vacation. son more or less anxious about his school performance which so far less impressive. God, all bliss is over his living on the earth.


dreamed of being a boiler man. ^ in dawn dreamed life of an elder boiler man. he tried to make friend of 2 girls, a Japanese girl, a Chinese girl, in campus, first by inviting the Chinese girl help him washing his clothes with reward. then found his wife and child ages missing. then closely witness the Japanese girl's life: her mother, her classmates, etc. later I visit her school with red wine and shared with her. likely I felt in love with her.
these days I busy with son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's new sites, www.woz.fm , designed it a logo, updated family sites with new sidebar &footer to include new member sites link. Chinese censorship delayed my operation heavily, but thanks God, it done. and also with my son made proud progress in our video game. God, u see the prize of my joy on the root of the planet. bring me sooner my Royal China, God dad!


dreamed of my company, Dragon Horse. ^ dreamed I worked first for a company and pivoted a project with my smartness even not brightest. then build a company of my own for ignorance of the company I worked for. the company name is 骥, or Dragon Horse. Its first product is the rebuild of the project I previously contributed to. then the old larger company competed and tried to occupy our land by crushed with machine and cultivated our borderland. then dream my company worked on high technology I now didn't recall, but its vivid and lengthy in dawn dream. I only remembered I worked hard and enjoy it, within my company. yesterday I visit my son in the afternoon. we played video games and I taught my son about team works when he too haste to edge me out in the shooting game. when I returned to QRRS dorms, I penniless except some changes for bus. I tried to borrow a meal in a nearby restaurant where I frequented and it loaned me several times, but this time the girl casher definitely denied. however, I managed to eat a dinner loaned by another small restaurant. God, today I likely had to live with only a meal, or even worse, for my son's mom said when she cursed my visit her house will be empty today, in aim to evade me. God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home me and my sons. God, thx Dad. in this draining Chinese holiday season in PRC, sinking IS not me but the floating and hardly wrecked nation, PRC. God, save me from drift in the chill driving scattered Chinese, toward save or seize of death. God, sure is the sunny morning outside. God, blessing my 2013 and its 1st day today.

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