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Thursday, April 19, 2012

more colorful gaming experience with enhancement of new LED TV.


dreamed of Japanese divided China again.^ a dawn dream look like pale morning now: China was half controlled by Japan. i traveled and felt its ruling as an interpretor, while Chinese part under CCP dooming lifeless. God, Asoh Yukiko, bring my new family, new Royal China sooner!


thx God, son now enjoys larger LED TV.^ we ordered online from Haier's official shopping mall. for its logistic unit likely doesn't reside Qiqihar, our goods delayed and arrived today. we had already exchanged more than 5 phone calls for the e-commercial site didn't respond after my payment settled. today they also cost 2 and more phone calls for changed shipping time. my last query to its support desk didn't get a clear answer but i felt bliss in the sunshine, which encourages me waiting near my son's mom's house even clueless about the postponed handover time around 11am. they indeed arrived soon after 11am while i roaming and praying God for the shiny gift in the shiny day. installation quite smoothly. what surprised me is that gear to hang the TV on wall is free. i had informed son's mom about borrowing her a small amount money to buy the hanging parts. my son glad to see the new gadget but i merely got familiar with its user interface before his departure for his school. his mom got angry as usual and urged son coming school time. all the afternoon i alone setup the TV as second display of son's Dell notebook, for gaming and online video. after settled down, i missing my son very much. i even proposed a dine out to his mom, who posed to refuse but finally arranged it. son ate toast mutton more than usual. i carried him on my shoulders to go his mom's home. after finished his homeworks his mom administrated, we played 2 pc games and found how adorable a gear, like the 32' inch LED TV, can be. when i leaving, i encouraged my son use Internet daily based and he admitted it. on way to my QRRS dorm, i called back expressing sorry for my scorning his habit to stand close to the TV even its screen size should allow looser watching for the sake of his sight. Its just too beautiful today, God, u see it.


dosed in sunshine in a snow melting day.^ yesterday i first time in the year roamed in QRRS Dorms' garden, review enemies of my Empire of China, and their newest trapdoor of asylum. in my latest visit, on first work day after lunar Tomb-Sweeping holiday when i attempted to buy medicine of Risperdal, dog in the municipal mental health center already barked with teeth. dogs rampant around trembled upon my joys in life and hatred of envies burning their brains. last night a shallow snow descended without foretoken. when i woke up lately in morning sunshine through window, those white wet on ground show me so many fondness of Holy. afternoon after lunch, i felt cold again and soon dozed in sunshine from window on my bed. i dreamed my passed mother entreated me to endure for survival. a woman colleague, a Wu, with his husband, a Liu, unbalanced with their fortunes in the dream, liked when we played on the bank of a river.
God, grace in my road to reclaim my Kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory is huge, here my pray for u for testimony.


dreamed of quarrel over family heritage.^ dreamed of financial disturb with my hometown neighbor who makes a small business from performing as priest for local villagers' call for God in their nature faith. my passed mom, with my sinful 2nd brother also appeared in the dawn dream. after woke up doubting the plot of my nephew who demand his poor dad, my 1st brother long time weak in finance and recently attempted to ask loan from me, preparing his engagement&celebration. something dangerous falling&failing. reviewed curse from son's mom, a bitch, last night when we played pc game, burned and reborn in preach from bible radio online till mercy saves my pains. God, sooner bring me my Royal China, my girls praying for me, for our family. show my son warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, bliss in my new life, my new family with my girls full heartedly, to witness falling and failure of his mom, the sinful soul and her old dirty family. God, sing u in the sunshine now outside.


A March snow, a white present.^ yesterday is a brewing day for me when i waiting aside my notebook. it had been cloudy days, which brought me doubts and anxiousness. a morning frost indicating the snow, but until stronger sandstorm brought down the sight, it descends. looking outside through my dorm window, i felt my dearest son's call of gift in the dripping snowflakes. even almost penniless, i managed to borrow ¥40 from the canteen operator, who more or less cold-shoulder to me, for its 3rd times i asked for loan in a month. last week i decided to buy my son a larger LCD TV for his weakening eyesight, for our more appealing pc gaming experience. i asked my 2nd sister to loan us, she admitted but delayed to her next salary release day, IE, Apr 1st. my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, welcome the gift heartedly. in the dusk, with his favorite KFC food in handbag, i waited for him alone the street near his mom's school for half hour. i sang and teased him when we reunited and returned to his mom's house. we didn't play pc game as usual, for time of gathering too short the moment. in the night after returned to my QRRS dorm, i saw golden skylight all over out of my window. God, doesn't it exactly free me of sorrow and unease?

benzrad's comment on the day.

sinking PRC.^ sink, sink sinful PRC, as a due pay for benefit western world brought forth and saves so many disasters in the totalitarian system likes a half century nightmare.


dreamed of a worm or snake in my shits. ^ got up earlier to let d/l, then dozed. dreamed of poo. then found a worm in it&doubting if parasites in my body. then 3 men expert in hunting snakes plot and steal my snake. its a sunny morning.


a prayer in new moon, for grace in God.^ now 2nd new moon night in March. rid me anxiousness of dearest son's healthy environment, inc emotional. God, Asoh Yukiko, affirm me the sanity of my Royal China, as well as the nice day on which i prayed for our gathering again between the weeks. grant us sooner our new LCD, for our better gaming experience and warrenzh's joy of watching. God, u see these days young beasts around us, in the rotten and sinking PRC. only u save our untouchable grace, brightest dream since my ancestor's Empire half millennium ago.

God, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, now u under custody of ur mom's. in this night, she, a mean bitch, arbitrarily banned me talk u later than 8:30pm, defied my 2 buzz in moments ago, but i know ur heart in the air, in the inseparable connect in Holy Spirit in any moment. let's dream deeper and purer in moonlight tonight, in bliss from Zhu's root, and stream of glories.

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