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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sing among sino-Pacific.


a timely rain in dawn.^ China surveillance recently likely hacking my stream when i watch a Taiwan episode, let it lagging heavily. that reminds me hungry dogs, ie. local mafia, among the society desperately challenging my Royal China. last night i reviewed my situation, and wish list of loan for a new xbox wireless gamepad. in dawn i dreamed of erotic and got spermatorrhea, a sudden rain follows that, brings down recent sultry. Its so auspicious. dreamed in my hometown village, Zhudajiu, we gathered to buy bacon. the owner of the pig insisted offering me a favor, I adopted and buy more to improve my living. God, if I can do, I will do it better. God, aid me improving son's gaming experience with a new wireless xbox gamepad. God, bring me my people of new China Empire of 1109 years under my title in ur shine. God, bring my girls sooner in my Royal China!


dreamed of alumni gathered to fly.^ dreamed 4 of my alumni, likely my senior middle school, privileged Huanggang middle school or Nankai Univ, all good at study, bought themselves jets. they fly into sky, enjoy chasing wind, then gabbled on ground while their single seat jets damaged by chills outdoor. so one of them, the smartest on academy, failed to return to sky and crashed his jet. on the crash site I met one young man from my hometown village, Zhudajiu. his family competed with my family long time, he has 4 children but still aiming outracing us by offspring.


lasting rain. ^ last night is the coolest night in this summer. with quilt cover i was turned to urine 3 times by chill in the night. dreamed of roommate when i studied in Nankai Univ for master degree, a native Tianjin boy. also dreamed of my colleagues, esp the current department director in my previous work unit, with which i still gain support. the rain, mostly drizzled now, continued all night, out of my expectation. God, u see how I was contented so far, pl improve my life with my girls, inc Asoh Yukiko, my girl Lv, girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl, all my Queens, in our prime time. grant us offspring in ur blessing! God, u know how close my fate's breakthrough is ahead!


dreamed of death chase by gays from previous office again.^ dreamed once close workmates turned into walking deads. they hunted me for death. the gay gangsters of my once colleagues, esp the facing desk resolved to murder me in the dream. Its the most beautiful raining night, after a sunny dusk when my dearest son visit my dorm and played soccer with me in the dorms open space. he ported here as scheduled monthly, we tried pc games till near 10pm. in the night i felt so full of holy spirit. he woke up for thirst mid night, with some water we woke up in dawn rarely at same time, then he watched an animation before we headed to KFC breakfast, where i bought a tart for a poor elder man there. returned to his mom's house, his mom banned us to play pc games and urged son to practice e-piano, so we went to shower in public bathroom. we then lunched in a nearby restaurant whose operator is a gentle young man. his mom lazily as usual laid herself on bed to gabble with him after practiced e-piano, so our son busy with kissing his mom while i busy with computer for disliking my ex-wife being failing sick against a kind or mature parent. at last i held my son on my shoulders before his mom soon felt into sleep, talked with him about old history of my hometown village's living, also common scientific knowledge he listening till the grandma arrived. in dusk after i settled in dorm in front of my notebook, a rain storm arrives. It turns so sustained and persistently that i deeply touched. i know the bliss in air. God, bring me sooner my Royal China! guard my son and his sanity by my wives' tender love. God, trinity is us secured.


dreamed of fucking Islamic founder, an elder woman.^ yesterday I dozed a lot, regret for son's loathing to play pc games with me like before. re-dwelt about the laziness of son's mom, who can day long reading cheap erotic novels online motionlessly. visit son in dusk and told him my anxious about his passive reading seduced by his mom's magazines after we two dined out together. my son listened carefully, like his smartness in most cases. also urged him sleep alone sooner when his mom listening after we returned to her house. in the night dreamed of founder of Islamic, an white haired elder woman in middle size. It rained shortly exactly the moment I disgusted by her. in later dawn dream, I worked for film or publication company, and held important photos, for which many young men risking life together help to protect. I woke up many times while the dream continues, till felt urgent to blog it. God, guide my son grow healthily, among the dirty family of his mom's, protects my son in my wives' tender love. God, bring me sooner my Royal China.


dreamed of my passed mom hosting her nieces&my sister.^ dreamed in my hometown, Zhudajiu village, in lunar Spring festival, my cousins, all my mom's close friend's children, came to visit her. their family, mostly girls, enjoy prosperous and fortune increase and built new houses. I tried to congratulate my closest friend, one daughter who is tallest among my cousins and who still regret don't married me, for her new house as well as improved living standard. my best beloved sister, also built a house near their village, whose most residents under family name, Mei 梅. after woke up, i found all my efforts to make my son's life easier, like pc games and LED TV, in fact trying do that for myself. God, see my son and guarantee his life he likes most. God, bring me new family that changes my situation. God, let me see my Royal China sooner.


dreamed of being a manager of 赵本山's company. ^ in his enterprise's leading meeting, closely watched the laugh-making star. i had 3 or 4 important innovations or breakthroughs in the dream and Zhao obliged to me, so I can see pros and cons of the legend entertained Chinese more than a decade, with his mostly ill appetite in humanity. last night still felt Mafia's threat to me and my family, but a thunderstorm makes the heat calmed down. God, bring me sooner change in my life, with my girls! God, see danger of my family beset and killing offends in time for grace and glory untouchable.

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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