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Thursday, February 4, 2010

dogs plotted to trap me.

dogs plotted to trap me.^sorted google browser, chrome, and its extensions by disabled some less useful, trying to fix its large ram comsuming. claimed family namespace, warozhu, with google groups after done it with plaxo groups yesterday. the monitor, a hard core gay&esp. cheap in essential&criminal in mindset, espionaged me closer these days, left lately at noon and returned early around 12:30pm when i listening a Japanese album from google China music portal as usual. the neighbor dogs, ie, the evil once colleagues&dying for its own sin&aimlessness after it was seperated from harm me any more after departmental restructure, including previous departmental director in family name Huang, his driver, a gay in family name Wang&local hooligan's friend, via who the Huang attempted to pay to hurt me, soon gathered in their office which tentatively arranged surrounding my office, &complained my music noisy, the monitor demanded lower the volumn, but i just ignored it. then the shits bumped to close my notebook. i pushed on his chest when he return to me while i watching outside the window, the 2 gays in office both encharged and prepared to fist. the facing evil unplugged the power line. i ignored the rest babbles while trying to resume my computer, till found the power down by the facing dog. they all r dead, and thirsty for death match, like ghost entangling the live. the all things just a plot attempting to trap me and humilate me in violence, with which they want to disable me once and forever. God sees, i  never kill men with my own knife, they just don't deserve.

left office after 2:30pm. reviewed my situation in dorm. heart weighten for my missing girl zhou. dined after 4:30pm, then went to the cross way to greet my girl. i didn't wait as long as usual, for i don't put insurance on my girl's presence after knowing my waiting from the spying environment all around. when i on way to dorm, i saw a girl in long white coat and white boots holding a middle aged woman just disappearing crossing the gate of the residential area my girl's house locates. i'm sure that's my girl, my girl zhou who arranged to assure me our love. bought food before returned dorm. in dorm, in high mood of blessing&buzzed baby son. dined again in the restaurant near the cross road after roamed some time indoor. God, today really a bright day!

looked out but in vain.^woke up early. went to office at once, in the rush time of QRRS. refined family blogger blogs, ie. posting format, sidebar widgets, etc. the monitor these days closely spying, left to lunch lately after 12:15pm. sorted stuff&tried some new google browser, chrome's extensions in afternoon. my chrome likely infected, ill behaves and lagging heavily. dog in China surveillance broke into my os in every chance. left office around 4:30pm, went to receive my girl zhou but don't meet. God let me follow a girl active in the local church, lingered there more than an hour just for meet up the girl who smaller than my girl zhou. in dorm listened music, then read ebook on sex.

a mere busy day.^last night the newly installed lamp in corridor leaks lots of lights into my room&let me restless awhile, till i got up&turned off it about near 12am. woke up normal around 7:25am, even i felt delayed on bed for some time. in office verified effect of static pages of family profiles added last weekends onto family blogs on blogger&wordpress, posted recent tweets, let download, then launched to correct baby son, warrenzh, the Hope of China, the God of Universe, his linkbook hosted on google docs and zoho office. its a long time nail& filed this afternoon, such a relief! then sorted bookmarks. since then China surveillance blocked my access to google search, docs and goo.gl's shorten url service. i tried lots of ways but all failed. later catalog picture assets from web via a asset management software i got from backup on baby's desktop, &backup a dvd. the facing evil snorted in late afternoon among my heavy load of tasks, i praying God to see how the dog had been vomiting&pervise&abnormal, how evil the enemy of my Empire is&deserves slaughter. its bright in the morning, but gloomy all afternoon. i had to put on my coat in office amid against tomb chill from gays, ie., the dead. left office around 4:30pm&dinned in canteen. crack sunflower seeds in dorm to kill time. my financial book had deficit more than ¥1300, the office dogs babbled about changes in the company's bonus policy, tried to let me worry about money. God, i see u let me walk through to ever-brighter, the glory none ever seen. roamed outside near 7pm, the chill freezed my ears. bought instant noodles&eggs. read sex educational ebook lately to 10:30pm.
learing day.^slept sound till after 10am woke up. lunched outside, then join office to elaborate static pages hosted on blogger&wordpress, the most prominent blog portals in the world. also posted recent tweets. narrowly done near 5pm. dined in canteen of QRRS dorms. Its all day a bright day. listened preach in nearby church, expressed thanks to the priest after most believers left, a beautiful girl lingered there, likely active among those followers, but i doubting if my girl zhou taller than her, but however, i felt God's shine over us. buzzed baby but he playing chess with his mom&don't talk with me. reviewed my love&saw God's shine when staying in dorm all the rest of night.

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